To everyone who voted this election, thank you so much for showing your support.  I will be honored to serve you, and will continue to work hard to restore our county's pride.


Thank you for your interest in my campaign!

During my many years on the Jackson County Legislature, I have had an opportunity to work on many projects that I believe have served our community well.  I understand that I do not operate in a vacuum, and without the assistance of many others, these projects would not have happened.  Meaningful leadership requires working with many people to accomplish worthwhile results.  I have developed relationships throughout Jackson County and across county lines and as a result my district has benefited greatly.

Goals for My Next Term

  • Provide core service to our citizens.
  • Work with cities to consolidate services for efficiency and cost effectiveness.
  • Not raise taxes.
  • Continue to look for ways to provide our senior citizens with tax relief.
  • Direct the Jackson County Drug Task Force to concentrate on gang activity in Eastern Jackson County.
  • Use the Combat Program to provide our young people with drug free/alcohol free activities.
  • Work with the Sheriff’s Department to replace their outdated communications system, improving the response time and making it safer for officers.
  • Continue to support the Youth Court programs in Independence and Eastern Jackson County.
  • Work with the Jackson County Prosecutor’s office to prosecute cases of animal abuse.
  • Work with the private sector, the Chamber of Commerce, and cities to bring jobs to our community.
  • Continue to work with the Blue River Community College Campus to implement a Vet Tech Assistant Program – a two year program with 60 students total that will graduate 30 students each year.  Thirty graduates each year with 100% job placement in conjunction with the new animal shelter.
  • Develop a long range strategy to add court rooms to the Eastern Jackson County Courthouse in Independence, thus improving the service to residents and relieving many people from driving downtown for jury duty.
  • Continue the restoration of the historic Independence Court house.
  • Work with school districts to advise them timely regarding assessment information to help with their budget development.
  • Continue to monitor the TIF proposals to avoid tax loss for our county and school district budgets.